Neural Dust is a Step Towards Nexus

The team that brought us the first neurally remote controlled beetle has a new paper out today proposing a huge step forward in brain-computer interfaces. In an article published the arXiv Quantitative Biology archive, Dongjin Seo, Michael Maharbiz, and colleagues from the University of California at Berkeley… »7/16/13 9:23pm7/16/13 9:23pm


I Wore a Bionic Leg, And I Never Wanted To Take It Off Again

Say you've just had ACL surgery. Or you're recovering from a bad break. Or, worse, you suffer a stroke, or MS, or spinal or neurological damage. Regaining the power to walk is one of the toughest things you can do, and it may be impossible without a crutch, rail, or physical therapist to lean on. The AlterG Bionic… »7/10/13 4:02pm7/10/13 4:02pm

New echo-detecting app could allow humans to 'see' like bats

By using five microphones, a speaker, and a sophisticated new echolocation algorithm, researchers have successfully built a full 3D image of a cathedral’s insanely complex interior. The same technology could someday allow humans to navigate in total darkness. »6/18/13 6:57pm6/18/13 6:57pm

What can we learn from the real superhumans among us?

Humans are a genetically diverse bunch. Some of us are born with extraordinary perceptual powers — neurological gifts that biologists might eventually be able to provide for the rest of us. But do we really want to have some of these 'superhuman' quirks? »6/06/13 12:10am6/06/13 12:10am