Neural Dust is a Step Towards Nexus

The team that brought us the first neurally remote controlled beetle has a new paper out today proposing a huge step forward in brain-computer interfaces. In an article published the arXiv Quantitative Biology archive, Dongjin Seo, Michael Maharbiz, and colleagues from the University of California at Berkeley… » 7/16/13 9:23pm 7/16/13 9:23pm

"Humans aren't broken. They're never broken."

Huge Herr is a cyborg. He has two bionic legs. He does pioneering research into cybernetic technology. But much more importantly, he has some very forward-thinking ideas about this technology, and how our society should deal with it. Read this amazing profile of him in the Wall Street Journal, which includes a lot of… » 7/16/13 4:30am 7/16/13 4:30am

I Wore a Bionic Leg, And I Never Wanted To Take It Off Again

Say you've just had ACL surgery. Or you're recovering from a bad break. Or, worse, you suffer a stroke, or MS, or spinal or neurological damage. Regaining the power to walk is one of the toughest things you can do, and it may be impossible without a crutch, rail, or physical therapist to lean on. The AlterG Bionic… » 7/10/13 4:02pm 7/10/13 4:02pm

Desire Modification is on the way, with Anti-Addiction tech

I've argued before that the most profound change from cyborg technology will come not from upgrading our capabilities, but from changing our desires. Our desires form the core of who we are. They are literally why we get up in the morning. And there are many aspects of our desires that we'd like to change, for… » 6/28/13 1:38pm 6/28/13 1:38pm

New echo-detecting app could allow humans to 'see' like bats

By using five microphones, a speaker, and a sophisticated new echolocation algorithm, researchers have successfully built a full 3D image of a cathedral’s insanely complex interior. The same technology could someday allow humans to navigate in total darkness. » 6/18/13 6:57pm 6/18/13 6:57pm

What can we learn from the real superhumans among us?

Humans are a genetically diverse bunch. Some of us are born with extraordinary perceptual powers — neurological gifts that biologists might eventually be able to provide for the rest of us. But do we really want to have some of these 'superhuman' quirks? » 6/06/13 12:10am 6/06/13 12:10am